Teen Pregnancy – Letter to the Editor

Adoption is a good option for many teens.

The Florida Times Union editorial on teen pregnancy did a good job presenting the challenges of teen pregnancy, but it was not comprehensive in covering the solutions to those challenges, namely the ability to choose adoption once a teen pregnancy has occurred.

As local board-certified adoption attorneys for more than 20 years, we have worked with thousands of adoption cases.

Teen mothers need to know that there are reputable, caring professionals who can help them get the prenatal care and counseling they need for all of the physical and emotional issues surrounding giving birth.

For instance, when a teen mom decides to pursue an adoption plan, her expenses are covered for prenatal medical care and for counseling for up to a year post-partum.

She can even get financial assistance for living expenses (including rent, utilities, basic telephone services, toiletries, necessary clothing, transportation and insurance).

Here are some additional basics about adoption that teens in this situation should know:

Open or Closed Adoption?

A teen mom can choose open adoption and meet the adoptive parents or decide to have a closed adoption with no further contact from the adoptive parents.

If the birth mom chooses an open adoption, the adoptive parents provide pictures and updates for a period of at least 18 years after the baby is born.

Adoption Consent.

A birth mother under the age of 18 has the power to consent to the adoption of her child.  It is not necessary to contact her parents or other family members.

A birth mother 14 years or younger must have a parent, legal guardian or court appointed guardian ad litem to assist and advise the parent as to the adoption plan.

Informed Decisions.

Before a teen mom makes the monumental decision about what she will do about her pregnancy, she can always contact a law firm to get free information with no obligation to place the baby for adoption.

Adoption Saves Lives!

There are many loving families who are looking for the opportunity to adopt and provide loving homes to a child and are willing to assist a teen mom through her pregnancy and post-partum transition in order to do that.

Working with a reputable adoption firm can help a teen mom – and her baby – stay healthy throughout the pregnancy and then get back on track with her education, preparation, and planning for a future in which she will be ready on all levels to successfully parent a child.


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