What is a Board Certified Adoption Attorney in the state of Florida?

Adoption Experts!

The certification of adoption attorneys allows the public to differentiate lawyers proficient in the area of adoption law from attorneys who do not understand the unique complexities of the adoption statute. Board Certified Adoption Attorneys in Florida are considered experts in the field of Florida adoption law.  Both Michael Shorstein and Brian Kelly, of Shorstein & Kelly, are Board Certified Adoption Attorneys.

Understanding Complex Laws

In the last decade, Florida Adoption laws have changed almost every year, most recently in 2012. What once was a simple, form-based process now requires an experienced adoption attorney’s intuitive approach in applying the complicated statutory framework. A Board Certified Adoption Attorney understands the complex laws and stays current with the latest changes that may impact an adoption plan.

Superior Professionalism and Ethics

Birth parents and adoptive parents are faced with increasingly difficult choices when evaluating adoption options. The State of Florida is among the top pro-adoption states in the country. Adoption Law Board Certification provides a necessary and important protection by distinguishing those attorneys who have special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in adoption law, along with superior professionalism and ethics in their practice.


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